Getting started with Dynamic DNS

The administration of a domain or a network is a tough and full-time job. We frequently talk about IP addresses, and they are a good example. Just to administrate them and execute all the tasks related to them can take a lot of time. Therefore, technology has been developed, helpful tools to be in charge of such tasks and to give administrators a breathe.

What’s Dynamic DNS? 

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) is a method that allows you to update a name server automatically and frequently. DDNS can update almost in real-time, IP addresses whenever they change, and their associated A or AAAA records. So your administrator doesn’t have to do it manually!

Yes, IP addresses change constantly. As a common user, for sure, you don’t realize it, but businesses do. Think, for instance, a business that supplies one or more services via the Internet. All those changes represent the risk for its clients not getting access to the service and suffering downtime because they try with an IP address that’s not valid anymore.

If a business uses a consumer Internet provider and what’s to offer a service, it will have a lot of work to do. Work like having a person in charge of monitoring and changing the IP address manually when the Internet service provider (ISP) changes it. 

If you wonder why ISPs make such changes, there’s an explanation. They have a pool of IP addresses, meaning a limited number of them for working. Consider the number of clients they have and that a unique IP address is required for a single device connected to the network. They have to administrate this resource really smartly not to fail while supplying the service to their clients. 

Another choice is to pay for a static IP address, but this is high-cost. Not all businesses can afford it. 

And of course, they can use DDNS that is a more affordable, even free with some providers, and comfortable alternative. Whenever the IP addresses change, their corresponding domains will be fast remapped (DNS) to keep them available for clients.

Dynamic DNS providers. 

If you already feel Dynamic DNS is the solution you were looking for, here you have some quality providers.


ClouDNS has 34 DNS locations in the world, and easy to install for different OSes and network devices.

It offers a free Dynamic DNS plan that can be a solid starting point for many. But of course, there’s a Premium DNS more robust, and it starts at $2.95 monthly if your needs are bigger. 


Dynu provides a free service! 12 nameservers worldwide, intuitive web-based control panel, easy to install, and convenient features. Most DNS records (A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, SRV, SPF, KEY, etc.), locations, wildcard alias, web redirect, offline settings, etc. 


No-IP has a free plan and paid ones. The free plan can feel tight, supporting only some DNS records and allowing only 3 hostnames that you must confirm every 30 days. The paid plans are a different story, with much more features by paying $24.95 or $29.95 yearly.

Top Affordable Premium DNS Hosting providers


Getting Dynamic DNS can solve you a lot of IP addresses issues. It reduces human errors related to the manual management of this resource. And it’s a much more affordable service than having static IP addresses. Keep your business running by hiring a quality provider and without compromising your budget!